Our Story

Ryan Pineda

Ryan Pineda, CEO

Ryan has been in the real estate industry since 2010. He began his career as Realtor and soon realized that wasn’t the path he wanted to continue on. In 2015 with only $10,000 in the bank, he began flipping houses. Since then he has flipped hundreds of homes and purchased hundreds of rentals. While he was building his real estate business, many started to seek him out for mentorship. Initially taking all the requests, he soon realized that there wasn’t enough time to help everyone individually. In order to solve this problem he wrote his book Flip Your Future which ended up helping thousands of people learn how to flip houses. Though the book was a great success, many people wanted more. There was something lacking…

Ryan soon realized that there were three important principles that every real estate investor needs to take it to the next level.



It’s great to know how to do something, but it’s different when you’re actually doing it. You run into contractor issues, market shifts, legal battles, etc. Most people have no idea how to navigate these issues by reading a book or watching a YouTube video. The only way is by having a mentor or coach that they can get guidance from on their specific situation.



The days of trying to do business by yourself in secret are over. When you’re surrounded by a community who share similar beliefs and vision, you are going to get much further. You’ll be inspired by those around you and you’ll be able to freely exchange ideas to help each other grow. On top of that it makes doing deals together, raising money, and partnering much easier in a community.



There are different blueprints for different situations. What it takes to get your first few deals is very different from what it takes to make a million dollars. Most people don’t know the blueprint for the next level of their businesses because it requires a different skillset and strategy. Having a blueprint for your situation is key.

These are the principles that we focus on at Wealthy Investor. We have built a community of real estate investors that we provide mentorship to all over the world. Our vision is to help thousands of people become financially free and live the lifestyles of their dreams through real estate investing.